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I am former college professor and administrator interested in sharing experiences and insights with others about the topic of micromanagement at work and the threats to professional autonomy.  I have dome some writing on this topic and am interviewing various professionals about their work experiences and their perceptions about how much autonomy they believe they have had in their work.  There seem to be two contradictory trends at play: on the one hand a demand for educated workers able to operate in a global economy with an advanced technological infrastructure and able to exercise judgement in fluid settings and on the other hand the use of that technology to measure and direct wok performance in the most minute ways. The best examples of the second trend are perhaps doctors, who increasingly are measured against “best practice” metrics that don’t seem to leave much room for individual judgement. What is your experience?  What is your sense of what work will be like in your field in the future?  Are you ready to join the increasingly long line of pessimists, or do you have another perspective? Let me know what you think.

More About This Blog

One thought on “More About This Blog

  1. Thomas Moran says:

    The recognition of these contradictory trends in professional life is very astute. It needs more analysis that yields greater understanding and remedies or the result will be greater psychological burnout and eroded effectiveness — or worse yet professional who are paranoid automatons. By all means, Bob, proceed with your research!


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